My Intention for this website

When I was younger I tried myself as a DJ and played at some small events. I also needed a website to promote myself but I never really found a good source which offered what I was looking for. So I either had to create it myself or pay someone else to make one. None of these were really good options for a boy without any knowlege in coding and with little money.

Now I'm a Web Developer and have sold a Flash DJ Template already at Therefore I have started this website to present high-quality themes and templates specifically targeted at DJ's and Producers. I know what features they are after, but the most important thing is that I develop my websites considering all feedback and wishes that I recieve from you.


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Rafael Dery - Founder & Coder

My name is Rafael Dery and I'm living in Aachen, Germany. Currently I study Media & IT at the university of Cologne. I'm doing Web & Flash development since 2006.

I started with Flash/ActionScript 3.0 and switched over to HTML/Wordpress development in the last year. I hope you like our products.

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